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Welcome to Perfusion Downunder Winter Meeting 2016



Proceedings of the 2006 Perfusion Downunder Meeting are available in the December 2006 Issue of the Journal of Extracorporeal Technology (JECT) http://www.amsect.org/members/ecu/library/ject/2006_volume38/issue4/Proceedings.pdf

Please Note: If you do not have electronic access to JECT you may order e-proofs on the JECT website at http://www.ject.org/documents/Word/PDF_Article_Order_Form.doc



Welcome to Perfusion Downunder Winter Meeting 2016



  • Ethics in Research: Bend it like Beauchamp – Professor Alan Merry FANZCA (NZ)
  • Temperature Management: What’s Hot About Hypothermia – Dr Tim Jones
  • Tepid surgery: Current but Is It Evidence Based? – Ass Prof John Knight
  • Nadir HCT – Does It Matter? : CPB Is Not an independent Risk Factor for Red Cell Transfusion in CABG – Kieron Potger
  • Nadir HCT – Does It Matter? : Low HCT: Poor Outcome – Robert Groom
  • Transfusion Thresholds: Complex Risk And Benefit Considerations – Dr.Hilary Grocott
  • The Old and the Young: Perfusing the Generation Gap. The Paediatric Brain: How Do We Protect It? – Dr Tim Jones
  • The Old and the Young: Perfusing the Generation Gap. The Geriatric Brain: How Much Do We Need to Change? – Tim Willcox
  • Glucose management: Issues in Depth. Perioperative Glycemic Control: How Sweet It Is – Dr Hilary Grocott
  • Reducing Embolisation: The Perfusionist and the Surgeon – Dr Tim Jones
  • Emboli in the Real World: In Vitro models of CPB – Tim Willcox
  • Bypass and the Brain – Robert Groom
  • Bypass and the Brain: Neurobehavioural Outcomes: Relevant and Practical – Robert Baker
  • Creatine Kinase and Troponin T Release After Cardiac Surgery – Andrew Sanderson
  • Improving bypass and Outcome With Data – Robert Groom
  • PDU Collaboration Workshop: The Value of Data Collection:The First Generation PDUC Database – Richard Newland